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51 years of private and institutional investors available to GRW for handling a myriad of different financial matters





It is our goal to always provide  you excellent service.
You have our  personal commitment to give your request the attention it requires and  help you reach your financial services needs for your project or importation of goods.


There are  companies and people across the world that  have projects that they are needing financing on, and importers seeking  trade finance to get the goods to their port. There are also those who need  construction works  to be done for their project, whether it be roads to be built, homes to be constructed, bridges, dams, hydro project, solar, ports and so much more.  It is not so easy  in the current economic crunch in the world  and people are seeking alternative sources  to meet the construction and financial  services for their  specific  fund needs. In some case there are mines or  other entities that have contracts from their buyers in hand  and in some cases  bank letters of credit for their goods already in hand. All of these things certainly assist and enhance the possibilities of structuring the right program for the client.  There are also other types of financial service needs of clients, and GRW  looks forward to assisting these clients.

GRW takes a close look at  your financial needs and in the capacity as a financial services consultant we structure  from various alternatives  something that would fit your project. We know there are a wide variety of  financial needs for our clients  and it will always be our goal to assist these clients utilizing  the numerous  private, public and institutional  financiers  available thru GRW. There are times we could even offer JV partners to come on board for certain types of projects. In some cases Humanitarian Projects could be considered also.

A very popular service is  the Deferred LC   and the Bill of Exchange program so as to import goods,  and there is more information on those programs  on this web-site menu. These programs enable buyers of commodities to order goods from manufacturers or sellers, ship goods to buyer’s destination and buyer market the goods to pay to the supplier within a predefined period of months .

GRW acts as a financial Consultant to offer   these types of  services:

Bank instrument facilities,  Letters of Credit, SBLC’s, BG, Bank Comfort letters, Proof of Funds, Pre-Advice WRA confirmations.

We can also arrange for International Construction firms to execute many types of construction projects as stated further above.  The key for this is there being a strong bank or sovereign guarantee for the project.  The construction firms are able to  structure the funds and construction  if the request  is an economically merited project.

We expect the client when we take them on to assist with their particular financial services request to  work closely  with us by providing us all the necessary paperwork  and support documents so we can properly structure the alternatives available to meet their financial needs.

GRW charges a 2500.00 USD retainer  to start any financial project and a 1500.00 USD due diligence fee.  (note that the dd fee is not collected by GRW if it is a Promissory Note or Bill of Exchange transaction, but the financier may or may not have a small fee to process the matter). GRW will charge a one half to one percent fee at conclusion for our services.

The retainer is 100 percent refundable to the client at the conclusion of the  transaction with the client successfully cooperating with the program parameters which includes providing us normal KYC documents and data on their firm.    You will find the Financial Services Application on menu section of this web site and it can be copied and pasted to email or word program and filled out . It can then be emailed to   for our review.

If we agreed to proceed then we would need the 2500.00 USD retainer and the 1500.00 USD DD fee for a total  of 4000.00 USD wired to one of our accounts. In some cases we will send one of our people  to the client’s location to further discuss and go over the project with them.

We would be happy to assist if you have  need for any of the services we offer clients.



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